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It's Caturday...

...so I give you a cat macro.

I didn't lie!

I couldn't get a pic, but here's Nair's buisness card:

PS- Check out the new layout!

get together?

Should we try to plan a get-together for maybe mid july? Is everybody going to be relatively free? We haven't finished season 1, Cait has season 2, and season 3 is in stores. We're falling behind girls!

May your Nair bottle overflow and may Remmy one day use it.

Remmy-fest 06'

Does anybody feel up to a Remmy-fest this week or next? We've got the entire first season, and I think that I saw that the second was out while I was in Mod. We could crash here and watch it. Wadda think?

Time suggestions?



he's going to be filming a movie here. i think he's going to get here on...oct 13? something like that. we MUST get some nair before then!


Remmy Fest

To all concerned. We need to begin discussing when we will all get together and watch the all holy rirst season of Remmington Steele. This must happen when all three of us can make it.
Any suggestions for a time?


I'm Pierce Brosnan!

By many standards the best Bond yet, with four Bond movies on your resume including Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day and the highest grossing Bond movie of all time, Goldeneye, you're Pierce Brosnan.

Which James Bond are you?



Welcome to the Need Nair Club's Official Community!
read the interests i've put down so far, and let me know if there are movies PB's been in that i should add, or anything else that fits the purpose of the community. i want this to be a place where we can be wacky and wierd and still find a way to get nair to remmy.
thnx for stopping by!